ev charging installation process

Arranging an electric vehicle charging point installation couldn’t be easier. If you are claiming an OZEV grant, we will organise this your behalf, all we ask for is some information to support the claim.

Step 1: Initial enquiry
  • Firstly, there are various ways to get in touch.  You can call us on 0141 896 1825. You can email us info@obg-ev.co.uk or fill out contact form 
  • Once we receive your enquiry, we will be in touch within 48 hours from our Technical Team to discuss your images which you have made via our online application portal.
  • Once our Technical Team is satisfied that your electrical supply is adequate and you meet the OZEV criteria (if applicable), we will then provide a no obligation quotation for the work.
  • On acceptance of the quotation, we will arrange a convenient time to carry out the installation.
Step 2: EV charge point installation
  • On the day of installation, our uniformed engineer(s) will arrive in a sign written van.
  • The engineer will confirm the preferred location of the EV charge point
  • Installation of smart EV charge points usually takes around 3-4 hours.
  • Ahead of installation, you will need to:
    • Provide proof of ownership of your vehicle. This will depend on your category of ownership, whether you own outright, are leasing or have a company vehicle.  OLEV will accept either V5 (log book), proof of purchase, proof of order or a letter if it is a company vehicle 
    • Provide an electricity bill or MPAN number (Meter Point Administration Number)
    • Complete and sign an Annex D
  • Once the installation is complete, the engineer will test your new charge point and sign it off and you will receive a certificate for the work from our OZEV Registered installer. The engineer will also talk you through using your new charge point, and answer any questions you may have.
  • Our charge points come with a free 3-year parts and labour warranty so if you do experience any problems, we are just a phone call away.

Control your charger with your smart devices via Bluetooth or Wifi.


Simply plug and charge. The charger’s LED light color indicates the charging status.


Designed to provide a minimalist yet powerful home charging station.

power boost

Measures how much electricity you use and gives the rest to your car.

Workplace EV Charging Points

For businesses wanting to future-proof their premises and improve their green credential, we offer a wide range of commercial electric vehicle charging points. There is also a grant available called the workplace charging scheme. If you are interested in commercial charging units, please call us and we will arrange a suitable time for one of our representatives to visit your workplace and go through the various options available to you.


Most frequent questions and answers

Please complete our 1 step online bespoke portal (saving you time when claiming your government
grant application)

You need to have bought an eligible EV or plug-in hybrid car since October 2016, or have leased one for at least 6 months. You must have off-street parking at your home. You must install an OLEV-approved charge point. You must have it installed by an OLEV-approved charge point installer.

They're typically installed in apartment building and public parking garages, retail parking lots, at new-car dealerships, and even on some urban street corners. Many public charging stations still offer free charging, while others exact a fee that varies according to the operator.

Charging your electric vehicle at home is the cheapest and easiest way to charge your vehicle

Just like traditional fuel engine vehicles, the cost of running an electric vehicle varies depending on the model, make and specifics of the vehicle – it means there’s an option for everyone and this including buying an EV too Good news – electric vehicles are likely to cost you less over the course of ownership. Electricity costs much less than petrol or diesel and electric cars require less maintenance than an internal combustion engine (ICE).

– Up to 10 meters cabling from fuse box to socket installation
– Clipped cabling to your wall
– Inside your property we trunking to hide the cables
Please see this link for more detailed breakdown of our standard including & what it includes

Do I qualify for the OZEV Grant?

Find out more about the OZEV Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, what you need to qualify and more